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<3 Wow... [25 May 2006|10:38pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Deff. greatest day :)

1st hour-Finals
2nd hour- Sat aroudn
3rd hour-Final
4th hour-Final
Lunch Swingss duhhh
5th hour-Little kids shopp
6th n 7th hourrr CPR Classs

Came home got readyy sports banquet...I got the CMW Awardd :)

Im in love

<3 Ohh baby ;) [24 May 2006|10:12pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Hmm today wass deff. funn :)

1st hour-Watched Romeo and Juliet then like figured out where our dance was gunna be
2nd hour-Final
3rd hour-Final
4th hour-Lit Final
Lunch- Swings duhh :)
5th hour-Took a test wow...
6th hour-Movie n just talked
7th hour-Washed both teachers boards cuz I did all my work like a good girl :)

tehn i went to the mall and a meeting for DC :) Now im just yea...

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<3 You had me at hello ;) [23 May 2006|10:46pm]
[ mood | stressed ]


1st hour-church
2nd hour-movie
3rd hour-final
4th hour-final
Lunchh-took pixx and on the swinggs :)
5th hour-worst hourr omggg i was gunna kill the computer
6th hour-notess
7th hour-final

then came home got ready got my Graduation Dress :) then went to eat then back to SC then to Bellicanoes and then the store noww im home n about to study for finalss

Im in love

<3 You got me going crazy ;) [23 Mar 2006|09:43pm]
[ mood | cold ]

havent done this in a while...

1st hour-how to stuff kts food=the best ever!!!
2nd hour-rel just did workk boringg
3rd hour-wow lmfao funny class and tried to get kicked out but didnt workk =(
4th hour-did a w/s
Lunch-gayyy sat outside and like frozeeee
5th hour-sex class
6th hour- just like still tlked bou everythign cuz the guys dont respect us
7th hour-stationss

Im in love

<3So0o in love with youuu [03 Feb 2006|11:10am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

wowww todayy was a blast and a half!!!!

1st hour-took spelling test
2nd-had a stupid meeting n got yelled at
3rd-still in the meeting/math
4th-stupid shit
lunch-yea had stuff to do for talent show
5th-skipped with KIm n Regg sat in the locker room
6th-talent showww
7th-talent showww

Then came home got ready in like 30 mins and then went to my lover brandonss gamee with Kimmiee then went to Element and met some new frienddsss =) for highschool next year!!!! then came home n had the house just to me n kim and messed aruondddd

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[02 Feb 2006|10:08pm]
[ mood | confused ]

wow odd day gotta tell you...

1st-wrote to some sc school in like idk some place
2nd-took notes
3rd-went sleepyy
4th-okay totally got in a huge fight with kimmie bout brandon i mean commee onnn
Lunch-hung outside cuz im cool
5th-messed around then had to be in kimmies group still was fighting the hwole time
6th-tlaked bout some shit then got out early to get dressedd
7th-pep rallyyyy so0o funnn ahh did our dance great job but lost to 3rd grade in spirit keyy darnnn

came home did homework now im on the phonee <33

Im in love

<3333333 [31 Jan 2006|08:37pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Wow...today ahh started out so0o bad but it was okay I guess...

1st-worked with my lil book buddy what a bitchhh aha no shes a cutie ;)
2nd-took notes n did hw
3rd-I pretty much was sleepingg
4th hour-watched a movieee
Lunch okay so we had to go outside I mean come on its like below 0 ughhh freezing in my lil skirt
5th-computers ahh shoot mee
6th-notes then took our boards down pretty gayyy
7th- haha totally in the hall the whole time arshele josh scottyyy haha haddd funnn mannn

came home n yeaa

Im in love

<3All I WANT for Xmas is you! [23 Dec 2005|12:00am]
[ mood | lazy ]

Last day of school :)

Came back
Did our gifts
Had our little party
Cleaned our lockers
Came homee

:) Off!!! Yea~ babY!

Then came home took a nap, went to bball, went shoppin till 1045, went to eat...

Im in love

<3 You always know how to make me smile [19 Dec 2005|09:09pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

1st hour-Notes n did homework easy!
2nd hour-took notes n talked the rest of the time
3rd hour-watched some movie..then got our pix taken with santa:)but i was gettin in trouble :-/
4th hour-just had to read
Lunch-1st grade class with Kimmiee oh shes loved by themm
5th hour-Grr i honestly hate that teacher so0o much tlked the whole time but what a bitch
6th hour-took notes we had a sub..so0o what a blow off
7th hour-told stories gay shit

went to reggies wow very fun lmfao em n reg :)
Came home talked online ;-) wrapped gifts n yea..

Im in love

<3 Im so crazy for you [18 Dec 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Shit today was CRAZY!!!!!

We had a bball game at 3 and like all these girls were hitting n punching n fouling like crazyyyy me n em were gunna beat em up..there was gunna like be a fight i swear..it was so0 bad that after teh game we couldnt even change!
Then I went shoppin from 5 till ike 10 its was funnnn:)

Im in love

<3 You always know how to make me smile [17 Dec 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | surprised ]

Well..today I woke up at 1:00 ahh felt so0o wonderful to sleep in...Then I took a shower...came online;)then I got readi and had to cheer for our boizz they did so0o0 frikken good but the refs just sucked!!!!!!! Now im homee doin nothingg

Im in love

<3 I'll be... [17 Dec 2005|12:22am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow today was like so0o frikken funnn

1st hour-took a test totally like got an A baby :)
2nd hour-Checked our homework and got more
3rd hour-Took a test :/Hope it was good
4th hour-Went downstiars then came back up n had to read ugh
Lunch-PLayed volleyball lmfao KT is amazing at itt NOT! jk love u girl
5th hour-PLayed volleyball our team sucked but me Reg n Shell did good
6th hour-Took notes cuz we were tooo loud
7th hour-Did my speach :) I did very well hehe..At least thats what my teacher saiddddd

After we had our cheerleading party
I came home took a shower n got readii
Went to the dance woow so00o funn..Shake what your momma gave yah but not all of it lmfao Mrs.Perna
After we drove to Coney Island lmfao the boiz love my singing cuz im amazing!!!
Then just went there n hung outt ahh so0o funnnnnn

CLASS OF 06 YES!!!!!!!

Im in love

<3Im gunna tell him one day [11 Dec 2005|07:00pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

well yea today my mom woke me up at like 11 then i went to eat with my uncle n my gma ahh so0o goood....then i went shoppin...came home got my stuff readii then off to my game we got flowers for being the champs hehe...then i had to cheer now im gunna eatttt...soo0o yeaaa

Im in love

<3 Everythin about you [29 Nov 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | scared ]

well yea today was s0oo funn

1st hour- church
2nd hour-lit dk was gay
3rd hour-math omg i swear the guys wont leave me alone
4th hour got out early cuz shelly got me thenn...

we went to eat so0o good...then got our hair n make up done omg so0o frikken hott then got our pictures taken ( wow me n shell were waklin in the mall n all these ppls started tlkin to us wtf?)..then i came home real fast..got changed then had cheer. n bball pictures.. now im at home n yea

Im in love

<3 No matter what!!! [28 Nov 2005|10:36pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

well yea this mornin started off my day soo bad..ughh

1st hour-did some stupid stuff dont even kno
2nd hour-finished my test wow totally failed
3rd hour-Did some work talked the whole time with my girlies
4th hour-Did some clue book thingy and read it was funn
Lunch talked with Shell babyy
5th hour-Ughh bitch ass Mrs.Bartz god i HATE her kim lmfao shes soo badd
6th hour-Dont remember

Then I had cheerleading ahh shoot me kim took myphone n called ppl god im gunna beat her ass..now im just gettin my things readi for pictures tomorroww!!!!!! ahh cantt wiatt gunna beee so0o0o0o cuteeeeee

Im in love

<3 Theres no1 like you baby [25 Nov 2005|01:36am]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well yea today was amazing!!! Woke up at like 12...sat around got ready took a shower n stuff then I went out shoopppinnnn for a bit then I met my bestest friends forever at dinner then we went to the movies n seen just friends soo0o cute!!omg i seen kyle kozey therE! lookin amazing man! Then I came home n they came over n we hung out n like put a show on for our moms lmao wow n took pictures then they left n then i was on the phone with the love of my lifee till like 12 :-) great day!!!!1


Im in love

<3 Wow! its just everything about you.. [24 Nov 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Today I got up n then took a shower..shelly did my hair n make up! damn she madee me look hottt ;-)then I went to the store then to my Uncles house..it was pretty cool i guess.. all i did was sat n layed down by the fire...then I came home n thats about it!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Im in love

<3 Theres no1 like you baby [23 Nov 2005|10:10pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Well today... I went to the dentist again! I had to get my beautiful mouth guards ughhh... then I went to school only 1/2 thank god...Had test in a the classes...I totally failed them..then I came home and cleaned...then I went out with my mommy for a bit...then I had bball...wasnt to bad lots of runnin tho...we got to play those boiz at the end wow they suck haha! Every1 was makin fun of the way I talk with the damn things in my mouth lol..then I came home and just sat around n stuff talked to some ppl..now im makin an X-mas list..even tho there is only one thing i want ;-) hehe!!! much love!!

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<3 You are amazing [23 Nov 2005|01:37am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Well today...I went to school, had a field trip then I got outta school n then I had to rush to the dentist cuz now i need a stupid mouth guard 24/7 ughh they were gunna do a root canal right there but they didnt thank god then i came home tlked on the phone n did shitt...

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only you can make me feel... [21 Nov 2005|06:17pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Well yea yesterday was pretty bad... at my game a girl elbowed me right in my mouth my lips huge n my front 3 teeth are loose my mouth was full of bloodd..so yea...we won tho.. today i had to go to the dentist n find out whats gunna go on now... well they thought i broke the bone in my mouth thank god i didnt..now i mite need a root canal...ughh then i went shoopppin with shelly...wow long ass convo home lmao found out some things haha i love herrr

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<3 you can make me smile no matter what [19 Nov 2005|09:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Wow well today was a pretty idk day... well i woke up went to DLS to take my HSPT..pretty hard oh well came home got ready for bball after that my mommy got mee.. then i came home cried abut some stupid shit...then got in a fight with my mom..then went to the boiz bball game got smokedd... now im home doin nothinnn


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<3 Baby You are my Everything [18 Nov 2005|05:29pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Well today..ahh what a stupid day..

1st hour- took a test and messed around
2nd hour- took a damn quiz totally failed
3rd hour- did work
4th hour- watched a movie
Lunch sat outside was cold as hell
5th hour- played football
6th hour- did work
7th hour- finished my quiz

Then we had cheerleading ugh so0o gay.. now i dont kno what im gunna be doingg tonightt


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<3 Im falling even harder... [17 Nov 2005|03:56pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Wow today was so0o0 FUNNN

1st hour- did some board with muah hoe shell
2nd hour- just did homework
3rd hour- took notes
4th hour- took more notes n did stuff
Lunch was will shell doin the board
5th hour- some lady talked about not smoking or something
6th hour- wow funnn class messed around n got kim kicked outta class oopsss hah
7th hour- sat n listened to xmas music n made a card

now im gunna do shellys hair n then i got my first 8th grade bball game at st clair at 9 tonight whoop whoop

Im in love

Im crazy for you [16 Nov 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Whaoo havent done this baby in a long time n I seen Chewys so I felt like doin itt...

Well yea today was pretty gay
1st hour- took notes
2nd hour- did homework
3rd hour- Cleaned the tank with Kimmie n Tuna..funn timee haha
4th hour- Computer teacher talked to us the whole time
Lunch had Student council
5th hour- Musicc wow lmao Holly is sooo gayy
6th hour- Went next door to serve pie.. :-/ how sad...

Then I had cheerleading..now I have bball n PLayoffs for dig this...

<3 I am amazed by you

Im in love

<3 Your amazing [19 Sep 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | worried ]

well..today i went to school it was pretty gay n like tuna n john wouldnt leave me alone ughh!! lol then i had vball which was ok n then cheerleading which suckedd..afta that shelly n me played vball outsidee<3

Im in love

<3 Im gunna tell him one day [18 Sep 2005|10:17pm]
well today..i had my vball game we won agn..and i got like 15 ova in a row agn!! whoop whoop...lol then after the game me n erica were driving all around the parking lot like asses lol then after that we went to bellicaones...then went to cheer...then I went to Ford Field! I seen MAC i havent seen him in like for eva! then me n arshele were like walkin aroudn then these 10th graders started to tlk to us so we just walked away lol!! then some guys was like knockin on the window tryin to talk to me it was like crayz!!

<333 I think im in love
Im in love

<3 Im so crazy for you [17 Sep 2005|09:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

well..today I woke up then I had my volleyball game..we played GA..all the girlies ill be in school with next year I think..Well we won...In the 1st game I served 16 in a row :-) then the 2nd game I served 9 ova in a row so I did good serving today...then after that I went to go and eat..then I came home n Erika Marko and Paige came ova so we hung out for a bit then baked a cake for my 1/2 bday which is today lol then we wwemt to Buddys to eat...now im at home just chilling...

<3 I think im in love

Im in love

<3333 You mean a lot to me [16 Sep 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Wow havent did this thing in forever...well ive finally movedd 13 milee...Come ova sometime...Well today I went to school then had volleyball now im gunna go out with some friends... so yeaa

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<3333 Only yeww [21 Aug 2005|02:02am]
[ mood | crazy ]

WOW well...today I woke up then packed and waited for my mom to get hoome then we went to my gmas to get readi...from there we went to my aunts and uncles house to talk and guess what?!!!! WE ARE FINALLY MOVING! 13 MILE...ON CHICAGO ROAD!!! WHOOP WHOOP...THEn fromt here we went to Bellicaones and like I sat and talked to Tom the whole nightt...now im just getting home... OMG LIKE ON THE WAY HOME EVERYBODY WAS SO0O0O DRUNK LMFAO IT WAS SO0O GREAT...ITS 2:05 AND IM GUNNA HOP IN THE SHOWER SO0 YEA...

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<3333 Ur AmAzInG [15 Aug 2005|06:04pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Well...today we had volleyball practice from 10:30-11:45 then I had cheerleading from 12-2:30...then I went to my gmas and then to my uncle timmyss!! GIRLS WE ARE GUNNA BE FRIKKEN AWESOME THIS YEAR!!! HELL YEAAAA...


Im in love

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